The best places in Trabzon

 The best places in Trabzon

 The city of Trabzon is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish cities overlooking the shores of the Black Sea, and the most important from an economic point of view, because it allows for trade exchange between it between Iran and its neighboring Caucasus countries. The location of Trabzon has helped it possess a unique cultural, archaeological and geographical value spread throughout many of its regions. Which helped bring tourists to it from different regions of the world, and among the best of these places are:

Trabzon Museum

 The museum is located in the Kostaki Palace, which was built in the early twentieth century. The palace is considered one of the few buildings remaining from this century in Turkey. The museum includes many historical and archaeological artifacts dating back to the Ottoman and Byzantine eras, distributed in the rooms of the two-story museum. Among the most important contents are: The museum houses a bronze statue of Hermes, in addition to wooden artifacts dating back to the Byzantine era.

Ataturk Palace

 The palace is located at the top of the Sogksu hill. The palace was built in 1903 AD by one of the wealthy families working in the banking sector. What distinguishes the palace from other palaces spread in Trabzon is that it was based on the traditional popular style of the Crimean region. In addition to its strange architectural construction, the palace also contains A group of attractive and unique gardens in their designs. The palace also includes a group of antique furniture pieces that were used in it since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Lake Uzungol

It means long lake in Arabic, as it extends over a distance of 99 square kilometers, 19 km from the city of Trabzon. The lake offers its visitors a group of natural scenes that include a number of types of birds and unique green herbs. Also extending along the lake are a number of hotels and restaurants that offer… For its visitors, enjoyment and relaxation.

Bazaar district

 The Bazaar neighborhood is located on Maras Street, which is considered the best and oldest shopping destination on the Black Sea coast. The neighborhood includes a large number of old shops that offer visitors and tourists different and diverse collections of antique and traditional goods, in addition to the pleasure of wandering through the neighborhood’s alleys and seeing what it contains. Of treasures and antiquities.

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