The most beautiful cities in Italy


 Rome has taken an important position throughout history. Because it is the historical capital of the Roman Empire, it is today considered the official capital of Italy. It is worth mentioning that Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It is built on a fertile hill, and the Tiber River crosses it. It also contains historical buildings that give the city an archaeological character, the most important of which are

Piazza de España Square:

 It is the most distinguished and famous square in Rome. It has distinctive architectural elements, such as the Spanish staircase leading to the church, the French monastery, and the Barcacha Fountain, which takes the shape of an old marble boat.


 It is a building that includes a huge amphitheater surrounded by an oval-shaped stadium, with its facade rising to approximately 48 metres, noting that it is built of 3 overlapping chains, and is made up of 80 arches.


The Pantheon was designed; To be an architectural masterpiece; It is distinguished by the huge central dome with a diameter of 43 meters, with a hole in the middle. For ventilation and lighting, concrete of proportions that made the building strong was used in its construction.


 The Italian city of Florence is located northwest of the capital, Rome. It is a city surrounded by steep hills covered with orchards and vineyards, through which the Arno River passes. The city of Florence was classified on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1982 AD, and despite being a city that was established in the Renaissance era, However, it is considered an ancient and archaeological city, in addition to the buildings it contains that carry the flavor of the past and the genius of architectural design,[2] and among the most important of these buildings are:

Florence Cathedral:

It is a Roman Catholic church distinguished by its huge dome, which is a symbol of the city, and which was uniquely designed in an octagonal shape without a supporting wooden frame. Note that the exterior facades of the cathedral are covered with panels of green, white, and pink marble, while its windows are made of stained glass, and the floor Decorated with marble mosaics.[3] The bell tower: It is a tower built as a bell for the nearby Piazza del Duomo church. It was strikingly designed using green, white, and red marble, noting that the tower is divided into several levels, and its height reaches 84.7 meters.

Bell tower:

It is a tower built as a bell for the nearby Piazza del Duomo church. It was strikingly designed using green, white, and red marble. The tower is divided into several levels, and its height reaches 84.7 meters.


Venice, or Venice, is located in northeastern Italy, where its buildings are located on 118 small islands surrounded by water with an area of ​​up to 50 thousand km2, making it a city with a picturesque and unique nature. Venice’s buildings also have artistic architectural designs and ancient archaeological buildings. Such as: Torcello Cathedral, the Church of Santa Maria della Salute, San Marco Square, the Scola di San Marco building, and others. It is worth noting that the city of Venice was annexed


In southern Italy, and on the western coast of the Italian peninsula, is the city of Naples, which is famous for its narrow ancient streets, the hillsides that are distributed in it, and its beach, which takes the shape of two divided crescents. The city witnessed many ancient civilizations in it, and left behind ancient buildings with architectural designs. Distinctive, and the most important of these buildings are: the Church of Santa Maria del Barto, the Nuovo Castle, which was founded in 1279 AD, and others.


 The Italian city of Milan is the capital of fashion and architecture. It contains the Gothic Cathedral, which is the third largest church in Europe, and the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grassi, which shines with Leonardo da Vinci’s wonderful painting (The Last Supper), in addition to the fact that there are 3,500 statues and 135 towers in Milan Square.

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