tourism in Egypt

 The importance of tourism in Egypt

 Egypt is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in
the world, due to its natural beauty, historical wealth, religious and
cultural monuments, and Pharaonic antiquities dating back to the ancient
Egyptians who were distinguished by their wisdom and heritage. Below are the
advantages of tourism in Egypt and their importance.

 It contributes to the growth and development of Egypt, as the country
attracts approximately 15 million tourists annually.

 It contributes to reducing unemployment, due to its ability to employ
more than 10% of the total workforce.

It contributes to increasing foreign currency reserves, which in turn provides
support to the national economy at an estimated rate of about 11% of the gross
domestic product.

History of tourism in Egypt

 You can learn about the tourism path throughout history:

The history of tourism in ancient Egypt

Many civilizations have passed through Egypt dating back more than 5,years,
which was reflected in its tourism sector, which began to develop starting
from ancient times, as the ancient Egyptians practiced many activities that
encouraged tourism of all kinds, in addition to Nile tourism, which spread
throughout The world, and the Middle Ages witnessed great tourist activity in
Egypt due to the expansion of Arab travel and tourism, due to the spread of
Islam among the Indian subcontinent. The security stability, economic
progress, and exploration that Egypt enjoyed during that period had an
important role in the spread and revitalization of tourism there.

Recent history of tourism in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt expanded again at the end of the eighteenth century and
during the nineteenth century AD, as a result of the discovery of many
archaeological monuments in the country, and the West’s introduction to
Egyptian civilization through literary books, which contributed to attracting
the attention of European countries to it. The traffic management system that
It was established in 1845 AD to play a role in expanding Egyptian tourism
activity. It aimed to supervise the roads leading to India, develop desert
rest stops, establish ship watchtowers, and regulate traffic on the roads
between Cairo, the cities of Suez, and Alexandria.

Later, many tourist hotels were equipped, and the development of the Egyptian
tourism sector continued over the years until today it includes 70
sub-sectors, and the number of tourists coming to Egypt from various countries
of the world for the year 2018 AD reached approximately 11,196.00 tourists.

Types of tourism in Egypt

 Tourism in Egypt includes several types, most notably:

Archaeological or cultural tourism, which is the most important and one of the
oldest of these types, due to the presence of many monuments and landmarks of
ancient civilizations that embody the nations that have passed through Egypt
since its inception.

 Other types of tourism that attract tourists from all over the world,
including beach tourism, recreational, religious, sports, therapeutic,
environmental, desert, golf tourism, safari trips, yacht tourism, cultural
festivals and events, exhibition and conference tourism, and marine tourism.

Diving tourism, which represents an activity that attracts large numbers of
tourists in Egypt; To enjoy visiting one of the largest diving centers in the
world, located in Sharm El Sheikh.

The best time for tourism in Egypt

 The period between October and April represents the best time to visit
Egypt. As the temperatures are lower, it is also preferable to avoid visiting
Egypt in the months of December and January, which are considered among the
most crowded months for tourists, and therefore the costs of accommodation and
tourist trips are relatively high in them, and because the weather is an
important factor in determining the best times for tourism. in Egypt

Developing tourism in Egypt

 The sustainable tourism strategy in Egypt for the year 2020 seeks to
support the tourism sector, find solutions to the various challenges it faces,
and raise its competitiveness by providing an appropriate environment for
that, and this is done through the following:

Enhancing safety and security

 This is done through:

Monitoring tourist areas to ensure their stability and the safety of their
roads for tourists, through cameras installed in these areas. Monitoring the
quality of food and beverages in tourist places, by allocating a unit
responsible for general hygiene. Implementing the new standards system in
classifying hotels and resorts, and installing surveillance cameras in them.
Rapid response to emergency situations, through the use of global positioning

Marketing and promotion

This is done through:

Educating local residents about the importance of tourism.

 Interest in conducting wide-reaching advertising campaigns and expanding
public and international relations.

Show Egypt in a way that attracts people in creative ways.

 Using social media to enhance electronic marketing for tourism in Egypt.

Improving service quaity

 This is done through:

Establishing specialized training centers, such as culinary training centers.
Vocational training based on the national skills standards system.

Maintaining environmental sustainability:

 This is done through:

Promoting environmental awareness

 Rationalization of water consumption.

 Encouraging the use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy,
and monitoring the efficiency of energy use.

 Preserving biological diversity.

Reducing solid and liquid waste, and reducing harmful carbon emissions.

 Encouraging green tourism by monitoring and managing environmentally
friendly hotels.

Making institutional adjustments is done through:

 Bringing independent professionals together to benefit from their
experience and skills.

Merging the Tourism Development Authority and the Ministry of Tourism in order
to provide licenses and permits.

How long you can stay in Egypt

The estimated period of time that you can stay in Egypt for the purpose of
tourism is 30 days, knowing that the validity period of the visa is valid for
90 days starting from the date of its issuance.[5] The most important thing
that a tourist can do when coming to Egypt is to visit tourist places, ancient
monuments and monuments, so what Is it the most famous tourist attraction in
Egypt? What is the most famous museum in Egypt? We will mention in the
following a group of distinctive tourist sites that can be visited:

Giza Pyramids:

 It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the most famous tourist
attraction in Egypt, and one of the most important tourist attractions for
visitors, as the pyramids contain the tombs of the Pharaohs Khufu, Khafre, and
Mycerinus, who are guarded by the mysterious Sphinx.

Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings:

 These landmarks are located in Luxor in Upper Egypt, and it has many
tourist attractions. The eastern bank of the Nile River includes the modern
city of Luxor, which has a temple and a museum, and in the West Bank there is
a good number of Pharaonic tombs and large temples.

Aswan City:

It is classified as the quietest city in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Aswan is
located on the winding curves of the Nile River. Tourists can take river
ferries to cross to Elephantine Island, and walk the streets of Nubian
villages, and there is an elephant temple.

Sailing on the Nile River:

 Tourists can see the Pharaonic temples located on the banks of the Nile
River between Luxor and Aswan, including the Temple of Kom Ombo and the Edfu
Temple of Horus.

Egyptian Museum:

The museum is located in Cairo and contains a Pharaonic treasure trove. It is
the most famous and largest museum in Egypt. It is a pale pink palace and a
site for displaying huge amounts of golden treasures discovered from the tomb
of Tutankhamun.

Saqqara City:

It is the second city after Giza that contains Pharaonic pyramids. It has a
group of large tombs dating back to Pharaonic rule, and its most important
feature is the stepped pyramid of the Old Kingdom.

The cost of tourism to Egypt

 The prices of hotels and hotel apartments in Egypt range to varying
degrees. Below is a group of hotels and hotel apartments that you can stay in
when coming to Egypt.

Prime Residence New Cairo:

The cost per night is $80, and the hotel has a fitness center and free

 The Guard Hotel: The cost per night is $80, and the hotel offers free
Wi-Fi, in addition to free parking.

 Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo: The cost per night is $100, and the hotel
has a swimming pool and free Wi-Fi.

 Fairmont Nile City: The cost per night is $180, and the hotel has a
swimming pool and free Wi-Fi.

 Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Cairo: The cost per night is $183, and the
hotel has a swimming pool and free Wi-Fi.

 New City Suites and Apartments: The cost per night is $33, and the hotel

ers free Wi-Fi, in addition to free parking.


Egypt was ranked No. 83 in the world among the best tourist destinations for
the year 2015, as some of its tourist sites were included in the UNESCO World
Heritage List. This is due to the historical importance that these sites
enjoy, in addition to the importance of Egypt’s strategic geographical
location, wide coastlines, beaches rich in coral reefs, and a moderate climate
throughout the year, which has contributed to adding great importance to the
country and attracting tourists from all over the world.

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